Monday, February 2, 2009

My 5 year old Super Star!!!!

Our 5 year son Trevor is one incredible athlete. He continues to amaze Brian and I. Any sport he tries, he does so well at. He learned to ride a bike with no training wheels at age 4, swim and dive at age 4 also. He actually is a very good diver and not afraid of how high it might be. He can enter the pool with no splash. He invented a new swim stroke, kind of like the backstroke with a little twist. At age 5 he played soccer, basketball, and wrestling. He can handle the soccer ball so well. He also dribbles very well in basketball. He has figured out since he is so short in the 5-7 division, he is closest to the ball which makes it very easy for him to steal the ball. In wrestling the coach told me last week that Trevor has a lot of potential and that he uses the skills he was taught at practice very well. His lastest sport in roller blading. The junior high boys on the street like to play street hockey and told him he could not play since he didn't know how to skate. Well my determined boy learned to skate in just a few days. He now hangs with the big boys on the street. Every sport seems easy to him.. He tells us his next sports are going to be baseball and tennis. Trevor loves to be outside so I think that is one of the reasons he loves sports so much. He is a joy in our family and always brings us laughter.

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