Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cameron's 9th Birthday Party

Cameron had his 9th Birthday party at the Corona Batting cages. They got to use the batting cages, play ping-pong, hit balls off the tee and the crowd favorite dodge ball. We invited friends from school, church, scouts and family. Everyone had a blast. There was even an adult dodge ball game. We only had one injury. But she recovered quickly and went back into the game. We had Pizza and lots of snacks. Cameron had a great day. He had a Basketball game right after the party and he did great. Then Uncle Rob treated all the Wach families to Island's for dinner. We all ate a lot and Cameron got sang to again. After a long day we went home to open all his gifts. He got some super cool gifts and lots of cash and gift cards. It was a great Birthday for Cameron thanks to all his family and friends.

After the party was over Cameron opened all his presents. He got some great gifts and lots of money and giftcard.

Cameron and new Bear hat his brother Mitchell gave him.

Uncle Mike's family gave Cameron this cool Moon Hopper.

Cameron loved all his presents.

Dodge ball picture. Big brother Mitchell.

Cameron's team.

Playing ping-pong with Uncle Jason.

Cameron with his good friends. Noah, Stephen, and Curtis. They have been friends since Kindergarten.

Cameron's favorite teacher Mrs. Sigsbee, and all his friends. She is one of the favorite teachers from school. Cameron is good friends with her son Noah.

Cameron and his cake.

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